New URL Classification in MetaDefender Cloud

MetaDefender Cloud Reputation API allows users to search for Hashes, IPs, Domains and URLs. The IP, Domain and URL data is provided by a multitude of vendors specializing in detecting malicious internet servers and/or allowlisting trustworthy domains. You can view the different licensing options here.

Last week we released an update to our IP-Domain reputation service to include URL Classification information. The classification is done by the engines performing the IP-Domain analysis. The MetaDefender Cloud webpage displays URL classification information underneath the analyzed URL.

Several examples are provided below:

To test the new URL classification feature, register for an OPSWAT account and visit the MetaDefender Cloud website. Read more about URL classification on our documentation page. You can also contact us to schedule a demo or call to discuss our solution further.

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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