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New MetaDefender Cloud Scan Result Pages

In the past months we have been continuously improving the look and feel of MetaDefender Cloud. As we continue to add more and more features, we realized how important it is to stop and rethink the user experience in a manner that is both simple and user friendly. Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new scan results pages!

More structure

We grouped all tabs under two distinct sections: Static and Dynamic analysis. The overview section condenses the most important information about the file so that users can see key information like Multiscanning score and Deep CDR results on the same page.

There is also a dedicated community section where users can share security-related information about the file.

Static Analysis

This section now groups all the information our technologies provide from statically analyzing files. It includes:

- Multiscanning

- Deep CDR

- PE info

- EXIF metadata

- Android metadata

- Binary reputation

- Vulnerabilities

- Scan history

The subtabs in the Static Analysis are displayed only if they are applicable to the file, e.g: Android metadata will only be displayed if viewing results for an APK file.

More info on Deep CDR

The Deep CDR tab now shows information about what operations have been performed to sanitize the file:

MetaDefender Cloud will always perform multiscanning on the sanitized version of the file as well, to prove the effectiveness of the CDR technology and also to double-check in case there are any malicious objects left.

Configurable rescanning

When requesting a fresh analysis, the "Analyze again" button now allows users to specify what operations to be performed on files.

This allows for more flexibility and control, previously these options were only available via API.

More to come

We are not stopping here. Next up are the UI and UX of the IP-domain results pages, as well as a complete makeover of the Dynamic Analysis section.

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