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New Anti-Malware Options for Metascan!

Our teams have been working hard on many enhancements to Metascan, and we're excited to announce the release of Metascan 3.9.0. This release includes several important changes, including brand new anti-malware packages to bring additional scan engines to our customers!

Metascan Zero is now Metascan 1

We believe strongly in the need for anti-malware engine scanning, and we want to ensure that all of our customers benefit from the increased detection rates of multiple scan engines. For our customers who use Metascan Zero with a previously licensed antivirus, we have now added ClamWin to provide an additional scan engine at no extra cost. Metascan Zero customers can upgrade to Metascan 1 version 3.9.0 with their current license.

New Anti-malware Packages

We're excited to announce new Metascan packages for 4, 8, 12, and 16 anti-malware engines as well. With this release, Metascan 4 and higher now include Avira and AhnLab scan engines, and Metascan 16 now includes Kaspersky Lab's engine. We're very pleased to have strong partnerships with these vendors and to be able to offer their scan capabilities as part of our multi-scanning solutions. Visit our Metascan packages page to see which engines are in each of the packages.

Enhanced Support for Proxy Integration

Metascan supports integration with web proxies in order to enable multi-scanning of web traffic and downloads. With version 3.9.0, we have added integration with F5 proxies in addition to the existing support for Squid and BlueCoat proxies. Configuring Metascan to work with a web proxy through the ICAP interface is now easily accomplished through the Sources section in the Metascan Management Console, and logging of scan requests through this interface has been improved.

To better support intensive use of this functionality, we have also enhanced Metascan's queuing mechanism to improve performance when the server receives a high number of requests.

Management Console Improvements

Our team has implemented several enhancements to the Metascan Management Console, including an updated look and improved performance to provide a cleaner, simpler and faster experience. We have also added the ability to access Metascan documentation from within the management console.

Other Changes

  • The Metascan service now starts automatically after installation

  • 7-Zip library has been upgraded to 9.20

  • The OESIS component of Metascan, which enables previously licensed antivirus engines to be detected and utilized, has been updated to the latest version

  • OPSWAT is discontinuing Windows 2003 support in Metascan 3.9.0

Download the latest Metascan packages from the OPSWAT Portal to take advantage of these enhancements!

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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