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MetaDefender Kiosk 4.2.10 Release

Product Overview

OPSWAT MetaDefender Kiosk is a checkpoint for detecting and stopping security threats before they enter an isolated network. The Kiosk can be deployed at strategic locations throughout your organization where employees or guests may be entering with USB drives or other portable media that could contain malicious files. MetaDefender Vault is a secure file transfer and storage solution that enables the transfer of secure files into and out of isolated and air-gapped networks. Both products are designed to work together to enable secure data workflow and both are powered by the MetaDefender platform that prevents advanced cyber security threats by leveraging a number of technologies, including Content Disarm and Reconstruct (CDR), Multi-Scanning, Vulnerability Assessment, Data Loss Prevention and Threat Intelligence.

  • Tighter integration between MetaDefender Kiosk and MetaDefender Vault that enables better audit trail for removed files. A detailed session log is now created when files are retrieved from Vault.
  • Release details
    • Product: MetaDefender Kiosk
    • Release Date: 12 Dec 2018
    • Release Notes: 4.2.10
    • Download Link on OPSWAT Portal: Download

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