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MetaDefender ICAP Server v4.12.2 Release

Product Overview

OPSWAT MetaDefender ICAP Server provides advanced threat protection for network traffic. Through seamless integration with any ICAP-enabled network security appliance, MetaDefender ICAP Server scans and inspects all incoming file content before it reaches your organization’s network. By leveraging OPSWAT’s industry-leading technologies: Deep CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), Multiscanning, and Proactive DLP (Data Loss Prevention), MetaDefender ICAP Server protects organizations from malicious file uploads, zero-day attacks, and sensitive data exposure.

Release Highlights

MetaDefender ICAP Server 4.21.2 adds small enhancements to existing features. This version contains: improvements for a better experience with Huawei OceanStor integration, an extended value range for session timeout, and minor bug fixes.

Wider Session Timeout Range

Customers can have more flexibility when setting session timeout. The input range has increased from [5, 30] to [0, 120] minutes. Read more about session timeout

Support for Huawei OceanStor Integration

For Huawei users who often handle heavy server traffic, this version provides enhancements that allow for better network connection control when integrating MetaDefender ICAP Server with Huawei OceanStor storage systems.

Release Details

For more information, schedule a meeting with an OPSWAT cybersecurity expert.

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