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MetaDefender ICAP Server v4.11.1 Release

Product Overview

OPSWAT MetaDefender ICAP Server is the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) interface between MetaDefender Core and any third-party ICAP client. By leveraging OPSWAT’s industry-leading technologies: Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR), Multiscanning, File-Based Vulnerability Assessment, Proactive Data Loss Prevention (Proactive DLP) and Threat Intelligence, MetaDefender ICAP Server can protect against advanced malware traffic targeting your network appliances and storage devices.

Release Highlight

MetaDefender ICAP Server 4.11.1 is a maintenance release with minor enhancements and fixes.

Export and Import Configuration for Simple Deployment and Quick Disaster Recovery

Administrators can now import and export the existing configurations of MetaDefender ICAP Server between instances across the organization. This feature supports the following use cases:

  1. Export configuration from one server and import to a similar server within the same environment
  2. Export configuration from a single server and import to the same server in a disaster recovery scenario.

    The exported and imported files contain configuration information including user management, certificates configuration, security configuration, security rules, server profiles, global settings, history configuration, and audit log configuration.


    Release Details

    For more information, please contact one of our critical infrastructure cybersecurity experts.

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