MetaAccess Release Adds Protection from Endpoint Portable Media Threats

Product Overview

MetaAccess® prevents risky devices from accessing applications in the cloud or on-premises. The product performs endpoint security, compliance checks, and remediation before allowing devices to access application data.

New in this release

MetaAccess functionality expands to protecting organizations against threats from portable media on the endpoints, a common attack vector for malware. Supported portable media devices include any USB device, DVD drive (internal or external), or memory card. MetaAccess administrators can now add policies including the following actions for portable media devices:

  • Block all
  • Allow one-way
  • Allow bi-directional

MetaAccess now sanitizes documents and detects threats on supported peripheral devices as another security layer, powered by OPSWAT's MetaDefender® technologies when bi-directional data access is enabled. MetaAccess works seamlessly with the MetaDefender Kiosk Media Manifest feature to expedite portable media file processing with manifest validation.

Release Details

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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