Introducing a New Version of MetaAccess with Endpoint Security and Secure Access

OPSWAT is excited to announce today the launch of the next evolution of MetaAccess, combining multiple solutions into a single platform. This single platform approach reduces complexity while increasing security of both endpoints and access to networks, applications, and data wherever they may be located.

MetaAccess Overview

MetaAccess is uniquely positioned to ensure that wherever your data is located and wherever the user is located, the access and the device will be secure and meet your security and compliance policies. The platform includes Specialized Solutions for VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Salesforce.


  • A fresh new administration console look that is oriented around the secure access and device compliance uses cases.
  • One client for both endpoint compliance and secure access to your network, local and cloud applications.
  • Advanced compliance checks that go beyond basic compliance of OS/Antivirus levels and encryption to include multi-engine anti-malware scanning, vulnerability and patch management, block or scan removable media and potentially unwanted applications.
  • Anti Keylogger and Screen Capture Protection coming in 4Q, 2020.
  • Secure Access with multiple methods, including:
    • SAML integration with your Identity Provider to protect apps such as Office365, Box, or other apps supporting SAML 2.0.
    • Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) with zero trust network access, and traditional Network Access Control (NAC) for your LAN environment.

With this single platform providing a dashboard view, comes new packaging and licensing options. Start with the base platform and use the MetaAccess Product Guide to pick your optional modules, with either per device or per named user pricing.

OPSWAT MetaAccess is free to download for up to 50 licenses with no trial expiration. Contact us to Learn More.

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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