Infographic: Blind Spots in Web Application Security

Many organizations deploy web applications for uploading files, submitting forms, or sharing and collaborating on content. While enhancing productivity and ease-of-use for customers, the uploaded files introduce new cyber risk vectors for organizations. In a recent survey on Web Application Security, OPSWAT found that more than half of the surveyed organizations with a file upload portal process more than 5,000 file uploads per day.

The volume of daily processed file uploads combined with multiple portals can create severe blind spots that threat actors can exploit to slip through cyber defenses undetected. These security gaps can expose organizations to data breaches and malicious malware—including ransomware, APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), and Zero-Day attacks.

See at-a-glance some common security blind spots in the infographic below. To learn more about the current state of web application security, download the OPSWAT Web Application Security Report 2021.*

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