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How OPSWAT OTFuse Protects Your Critical OT Assets

Cyber attacks on OT assets are no longer rare occurrences, as cyber criminals increasingly target these networks to cause widespread disruptions. In 2021, a hacker briefly gained access to the OT network of a water treatment plant in Florida with malicious intent. The attack was promptly stopped, and no harm was done, but it highlights the need for robust security solutions specifically built for OT networks.

OPSWAT OTFuse is the solution you need to keep malware and other malicious agents from OT assets. This video below will show you exactly how OTFuse works and how you can easily set it up for your organization.

OTFuse: An Easy-to-Deploy Last Line of Defense for Industrial Networks

OTFuse provides the last line of defense against malicious actors by implementing strict access policies and enforcing device access zones.

It effectively eliminates all unauthorized accesses, configuration changes, resets, and logic updates, ensuring the continuous and secure operation of your critical OT processes.


Easy to use

You seamlessly integrate it to any critical industrial network without lengthy deployment, as it does not require specific network segment changes.


Once deployed, it will automatically learn your OT network subnets and enforce device access policies without needing manual adjustments.

Compliant with industry standards

OTFuse offers native support for industry protocols such as TCP, UDP, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, S7, DNP3, BACnet, SLMP, FINS, EGD and more. It also provides native support for GE protocols, including SDI, iFix and Cimplicity systems.


OTFuse stands out from its competitors thanks to its network bypass switch in case of power failure, ensuring continuous and secure data transfers into OT environments.

OPSWAT OTFuse is a part of our larger OT platform solution suite, which offers comprehensive protection against any threat to OT environments. Take a look at our solutions and how they work here.

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