How to Integrate Multiple Antivirus APIs

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Protecting files, systems, and data against malware attacks requires ever more sophisticated anti-malware solutions as attacks increase in volume and complexity. Especially for enterprises, the financial incentive for attackers is not going anywhere. Disturbingly, new ransomware samples increased 80% in 2016, according to McAfee Labs (via Dark Reading), and the trend continued into 2017 according to Barkly.

OPSWAT's antivirus APIs enable SMBs and enterprises to integrate powerful MetaDefender technology in order to better protect against these and other threats.

The Need for Integrated Anti-malware Scanning with Multiple Engines

As ransomware-as-a-service, targeted phishing, IoT hacking, and even malicious nation-state actors expand and transform the threat landscape, traditional anti-malware solutions aren't likely to be effective enough.

Antivirus APIs make it possible to integrate rapid scanning to protect against malicious file uploads, web traffic, and more. Integrating antivirus software directly into your architecture is much faster “ shortening scan time to mere milliseconds.

One anti-malware engine will likely miss threats, which is why the safest approach is to integrate multiple engines if possible.

MetaDefender APIs

OPSWAT's threat detection and prevention platform, MetaDefender, offers data sanitization (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), vulnerability assessment, and multi-scanning with 30+ fully licensed anti-malware engines for higher detection rates. These technologies result in the best possible defense against known and unknown threats. MetaDefender provides the kind of threat prevention that is necessary for the contemporary threat landscape.

These technologies are available through OPSWAT's MetaDefender APIs, which OPSWAT offers in order to help improve IT infrastructure and empower robust solutions.

With MetaDefender antivirus APIs, software vendors and security professionals can easily incorporate MetaDefender technology into their security solutions. MetaDefender APIs can power highly effective custom security architectures, adding threat detection and prevention technology to already-existing solutions for extra layers of security. MetaDefender anti-malware APIs also empower developers to build custom security solutions and applications.

MetaDefender engine packages include:

Learn more about MetaDefender APIs here.

Antivirus API Use Case: File Uploads

For many websites and web applications, it is necessary to allow users to upload files which are then stored on the site or application's web servers. Although this is a useful and, for some applications, necessary function, it's also a massive security risk if proper safeguards are not in place. Attackers may upload files containing malicious code that executes when the files are accessed.

There are many steps that developers and software vendors can take in order to prevent these kinds of attacks, but none of them are foolproof – or rather, cyber-criminal-proof.

The best approach is to integrate with anti-malware scanning software so that all file uploads are scanned for malware, and all files containing malicious content are detected. An anti-malware integration of this kind requires the use of anti-malware APIs.

Using a MetaDefender API integration, all file uploads will be scanned – not just with one anti-malware engine, but with 30 or more, without significantly impacting user experience or upload speed.

Additional Use Cases

Related to file uploads is the file transfer use case. By integrating MetaDefender APIs, all transferred files can be scanned with multiple anti-malware engines, sanitized, and assessed for vulnerabilities. Several OPSWAT customers have used MetaDefender to add this functionality to their managed file transfer solutions.

MetaDefender APIs also aid in malware research, enabling researchers to rapidly scan large databases of malware samples.

OPSWAT offers extensive code documentation to help developers integrate MetaDefender REST APIs. Contact OPSWAT to learn about more use cases and licensing for MetaDefender APIs, or learn more on our MetaDefender APIs page.

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