Event Wrap-Up: NITSL Conference and Metadefender Kiosk Workshop

OPSWAT Cruise NITSL 2017

The annual Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership (NITSL) Conference is hugely important for the nuclear industry. This year, the conference was held from July 17-20 in San Francisco, California, just miles from OPSWAT's San Francisco headquarters.

Hosted at the hotel Parc 55 San Francisco, near San Francisco's iconic Union Square, the conference featured thought leadership and industry-leading research about nuclear industry information technology.

OPSWAT Booth 2017 NITSL Conference

The OPSWAT team at NITSL Conference

We took the opportunity to present and promote MetaDefender Kiosk, our product that is expressly designed to help critical infrastructure facilities like nuclear plants keep their data secure and their internal networks safe.

MetaDefender Kiosk is our solution for highly secure facilities that need to bring portable media, such as USB drives, into their secure and air-gapped networks. Portable media is inserted into the kiosk and then analyzed with up to 35+ anti-malware engines. Our MetaDefender data sanitization (CDR) and vulnerability detection technologies ensure that exploitable content does not get through and application vulnerabilities are detected in advance.

As a result, nuclear facilities can safely import files, data, and application updates without introducing security risks.

Additionally, MetaDefender Kiosk helps facilities remain compliant with NEI regulations.

MetaDefender Kiosk Workshop and Dinner Cruise at OPSWAT Headquarters

OPSWAT San Francisco Headquarters

Following the conclusion of the conference on July 20, we invited our MetaDefender Kiosk customers who attended NITSL to join us at our headquarters for a workshop and a dinner cruise on the San Francisco Bay.

During the workshop, we reviewed recent product updates, how to migrate from MetaDefender Kiosk v3 to Kiosk v4, and some customer success stories. Dozens of nuclear facilities have successfully used MetaDefender Kiosk both to protect their secure networks while enabling data transfers and to comply with NEI regulations.

After the workshop, we all headed out to Pier 40 for dinner and a cruise on the bay.

Dinner on the Cruise, NITSL 2017

Dinnertime on the cruise

OPSWAT Cruise San Francisco Bay

Views from the cruise

OPSWAT Cruise San Francisco Bay Conversation

Talking nuclear security on the San Francisco Bay

We had a tremendous time with our customers, and we'd like to thank each and every one of them for coming out!


Cyber security is important for all sectors, but it is especially crucial for nuclear plants, and for critical infrastructure facilities in general. As demonstrated by cyber attacks like Stuxnet and more recent attacks on Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation and the Ukrainian power grid, attackers are all too willing to target critical infrastructure.

MetaDefender Kiosk helps critical infrastructure facilities, including nuclear facilities, stay secure and comply with data security regulations. The majority of all nuclear plants in North America use MetaDefender Kiosk, and OPSWAT is proud to help keep the nuclear industry secure.

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