Enhanced Data Flow Control with Metadefender

We have just released MetaDefender version 3.0.7, closing out a great year of enhancements to this product. This release includes updates to the devices able to be processed by MetaDefender, as well as new features for scan logging and results.

Continuing our progress from the last release of MetaDefender, we have enhanced support for encrypted USB drives, adding support for Buffalo SecureLock and enhancing support for Kingston DataTraveler. Users will now be able to have these encrypted devices processed by MetaDefender, expanding the range of devices.

An exciting new feature for many of our customers is the ability to save the logs from a MetaDefender session onto the media device that was processed. MetaDefender administrators can enable this option to ensure that session logs are copied to the USB device after the session finishes; these logs can then be used to prove that a device's files were processed and what the results of MetaDefender's analysis were. This feature provides another option for customers to build a simple workflow that ensures the security of data entering a network. Administrators can also now configure MetaDefender to automatically print the receipt of a session when the session finishes.

Additional changes in this release of MetaDefender include an expansion of the information available when a file scan fails, as well as new HTML documentation available through the MetaDefender Management Console.

Check out the latest version of MetaDefender on the OPSWAT Portal, and contact us if you have any questions.

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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