Discover Common Threats and their Detection on Metascan Online

We are excited to unveil a new page for statistics on Metascan Online that provides information about the malware samples in our database. To start, we put together a list of the 100 most searched-for threats in the Metascan Online database and presented data illustrating how many of the scan engines in Metascan Online detect these files as threats. This data provides the ability to dig into the types of threats that are being searched for in our system by file hash and to see how they are detected by the anti-malware community.

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We've made a point to anonymize the scan engine names on this page in order to eliminate the ability to compare the detection rates of different engines. Our data does not match what you might see from an endpoint antivirus application, and we detail some of the reasons for this on the statistics page. As we were creating this page, we reached out to many of our partners within the anti-malware and malware research community to make sure that we were providing information that was interesting, but not misleading. Through our discussions we refined the statistics page to ensure that it accurately educated visitors and did not drive scan engine comparisons. We encourage you to read all of the documentation about this data!

Our top searched threats at a glance:

  • They represent the top 100 threats from the last 7 days, updated and rescanned daily
  • At least 5 anti-malware engines need to flag the file as a threat for it to be included
  • Threats are clickable for detailed scan results

The information shown on this page highlights the added value that multi-scanning can bring. Since none of the antivirus engines detect all 100 threats, and none of the threats are detected by all 42 current engines, utilizing many scan engines (as Metascan Online does) can increase detection of these top threats.

Check out the new statistics page and read more about the data on Metascan Online, and stay tuned for more updates to the statistics page in the future!

Please contact us if you have any questions about the stats page, or tweet @OPSWAT to let us know how you're using the data!

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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