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Working from Home (WFH) in Government - Key Takeaways from Former CTOs of the DIA and CIA

May 22, 2020
On May 13th OPSWAT and Carahsoft hosted a live webinar where I moderated a panel of former CTOs from the US Intelligence Agencies - Bob Flores, former CTO of...

It is Time to Retire Your Legacy VPN and Move to a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)

May 18, 2020 by Russ Miller
For almost 20 years, organizations have depended on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to enable secure remote access for remote employees or third parties. While...
Tags: SDP

Secure Access from Personal Devices

April 29, 2020 by Russ Miller
Now that many of us work from home, are you faced with securing access from personal devices?...

Don't Compromise on Security for Work From Home (WFH) Programs

March 16, 2020
A decade ago, it would have been completely out of the question; work from home (WFH) and access critical infrastructure? It was not going to happen. But...
Tags: SDP

Managing the unknown….The Unmanaged Devices Attack Surface Challenge

December 05, 2019
It’s a fantastic time for hackers—less fantastic for companies that work with contractors, suppliers, partners, and remote employees. Allowing access to...

Making the Shoemaker Walk Barefoot—The Emerging Hacker’s Sport

November 06, 2019
Hackers are doing their best to hack brand name cyber vendors and make them sweat. And the latest victim is… Avast with the second time their popular...

Shadow IoT: A Fine Kettle Of Fish

October 10, 2019
We all have a fairly good idea of what IoT is. Depending upon who you talk to, IoT is the Internet of Things, the Insecurity of Things, or the Internet of...

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