Can You Detect the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Every night, a wolf wandered around a flock of sheep looking for one to eat but it was really difficult owing to the vigilance of the shepherd and his dogs.

One day, the wolf found the skin of a sheep so he put it over him and strolled among the sheep. With no doubt, the sheep one-by-one started to follow the wolf in the sheep’s clothing and became his hearty meals.

Don’t be tricked by the sheepskin

“Adversity makes a man wise”, people always say. Facing such difficulty, the wolf must learn how to deal with the situation for filling his empty stomach. By disguising himself under sheep’s clothing, he finally could fool the sheep, the shepherd, and the dogs. Similarly, advanced malware hides deeply in laptop of your employees or clients, just waits for the time the device is brought into your organization to do harms.

It’s the right time to learn how to detect the threat in those devices before they start to cause damage to your network. Never too late to protect your organizations’ networks, devices, and data well from all unauthorized accesses. All corporations nowadays start relying more and more on technologies for daily processes and we understand that every piece of stored information or data is important. Don’t let the wolf catch your lamb, detect such danger under the skin.

How can we help?

1. Our MetaDefender Drive is portable and can help you to enforce scanning for malware and vulnerabilities on any computer assets ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

2. MetaDefender Drive can detect malware that your local antivirus may miss. Our multiscanning technology uses multiple anti-malware engines and leverage the powers of different engine capabilities to increase detection rate to nearly 100%.

3. MetaDefender Drive can boot on its own system. This separation allows analysis without software installation on the target system and still warrants a scan of the entire device for malware, vulnerabilities and a determination of the device’s integrity.

4. MetaDefender Drive offers a simply user experience to accomplish some serious tasks: just plug in, reboot the target system and start scanning.

Whether you operate an air-gapped environment or not, don’t let cybercrimes damage your operation via transient devices! MetaDefender Drive is here to help detect, analyze, address known and unknown threats to secure your network and assets.

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