Are You Ready to Meet the Bulk-Power System Executive Order?

The Bulk-Power System Executive Order (#13920) issued on May 1, 2020 has significant implications for US Energy companies. The Executive Order applies to bulk-power system electrical equipment purchased from non-US companies.

The term “bulk-power system” includes (i) facilities and control systems necessary for operating an interconnected electric energy transmission network (or any portion thereof); and (ii) electric energy from generation facilities needed to maintain transmission reliability.

The term “bulk-power system electric equipment” includes items used in bulk-power system substations, control rooms, or power generating stations, including reactors, capacitors, substation transformers, current coupling capacitors, large generators, backup generators, substation voltage regulators, shunt capacitor equipment, automatic circuit reclosers, instrument transformers, coupling capacity voltage transformers, protective relaying, metering equipment, high voltage circuit breakers, generation turbines, industrial control systems, distributed control systems, and safety instrumented systems.

While the Executive Order does not provide specific details on how to comply, it does raise questions about how organizations are ensuring their Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) infrastructure provides sufficient cybersecurity protection to meet compliance requirements as well as prevent data breaches. In addition to the Executive Order, energy companies also need to meet the continually evolving security compliance measures defined in NERC CIP, including the forthcoming CIP-013-1 regulation, which will require investment in new protection technology, process improvements, and employee training.

OPSWAT Cross Domain Solutions provide advanced threat prevention to help companies ensure their OT and ICS environments are secured against malicious threats and meet regulatory requirements. Our solutions are powered by a combination of Deep CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) and Multiscanning technologies which together can enhance protection across your entire infrastructure. You can watch a demonstration of OPSWAT MetaDefender in action.

OPSWAT has experts who can help you understand:

  • Requirements and options to meet the Bulk-Power Executive Order
  • Overlap with NERC CIP 13 and other regulations
  • Benefits of enhancing your cybersecurity infrastructure

To learn more about how OPSWAT can help, contact us today.

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