OCIPA Certification Renewal

Stay current in your mastery of CIP Cybersecurity

Your OPSWAT Academy Certifications need to be renewed every year

In order to maintain active OCIPA certification, make sure you stay current on all of OPSWAT’s individual discipline certifications. This means re-taking the courses and the tests within a year of your last certification in that discipline.

Remember that the OPSWAT Certified Critical Infrastructure Protection Associate (OCIPA) Certificate is awarded to someone who actively holds each of OPSWAT’s four discipline certifications:

  • OPSWAT Certified Cybersecurity Associate (OCCA)
  • OPSWAT Certified MetaDefender Associate (OCMDA)
  • OPSWAT Certified MetaAccess Associate (OCMAA)
  • OPSWAT Certified Secure Data Workflow Associate (OCSDWA)

Why do I need to retake the courses every year?

Our courses are constantly evolving as cybersecurity evolves. The courses you take this year will have more information and updated information from the course of the same title that you took last year. In cybersecurity, its all about staying current.

How do I retake the courses and re-certify as an OCIPA?

We will be rolling out the certification renewal process later in 2020. Look for more information then!